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Magical Eye Care is dedicated in bringing you the best consumer experience with quality services while hosting a wide variety of options for spectacle frames and lenses. Providing each customer great options for the optimal solution. With an affordable range, carefully curated labels and quality services, what are you waiting for? come on down for a free consultation today.

Products and Services

Professional Consultation

Walk in for a free consultation today, Our friendly staff is willing to help you find the perfect solution to your optical needs.

Great and Affordable

Our range of products are budget friendly but do not compromise in quality, we provide quality assured services and products.

A Wide Range of Frames

We hold a wide variety of spectacle frames to choose from, from economical range to a luxurious range, find the perfect pair today.

Quality lenses matters

Pair your favourtie spectacle frame with the perfect lens from Carl Zeiss, Essilor or Hoya, We provide multi-coating services to give you a glare – free vision.

Labels we carry

Lens we carry

Adaptives Coating
Transition Signatures
The most advanced adaptive lenses that offer enhanced performanced and optimal balance between out door darkness and indoor clarity
Opti – Fog
Breakthrough technology that provides optimum superior anti – fog performance
Transition Xtractive
The darkest everyday adaptive lenses that darkens even behind the windshield provide vision comfort for driving
Crizal UV
The complete protection for your eyes and your vision : reflection, scratch , smudge , dust , water & UV rays. 25 times more protected with E-SPF 25
Crizal Prevencia
The first preventive lenses offering selective protection from harmful blue light and UV rays for lasting protection for your eye health. 25 times more protected with E – SPF 25
Carl Zeiss
Skylet Photo Fusion DuraVision Blue Protect
BPI 100 30-90  15
User Profile Outdoor Solution Dynamic Solution  Indoor solution
Main Purpose Highest level of blue light attenuation for extended exposure to intensive natural sun light The dynamic solution for people valuing the comfort to have one solution of in and outdoor The ideal solution for people who prefer all time clear lenses while being exposed extensively to artificial light source
Kodak Unique Lens Kodak Easy Lens
Description Kodak Unique Lens utilizes the most up to date digital freeform manufacturing and processing technologies, creating a progressive design that adapts the lens precisely to the patient’s prescription on the concave surface Kodak easy lens is an advanced digital progressive which is easy to choose to suit the frame of your choice
Hoya Hi-Lux Hoya Nu-Lux Hoya Nu-Lux EP
Type Spherical Lens Asperical Lens  Bi – Asperical Lens
Description Hoya’s standard spherical single vision design. Excellent choice for minor corrections. Compared to spherical design, advanced corrections of aberrations and less in peripheral distortion, providing optimum visual acuity. Nulux EP, with both front and back aspheric surface design, provides the sharpest vision from edge to edge for any power even with high cylinder power.